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Languages: Albanian , Arabic , Bosnian , Bulgarian , Chinese ,  Croatian , Czech , Danish , Dutch , EstonianFarsi , Finnish , French , German , Greek , Haitian Creole Hindi , Hmong , Hungarian,Italian , Japanese , KoreanKhmerLatvianLithuanian , Mandarin, NorwegianPolish,Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Serbian , Slovak , Somali , Spanish , Swahili , Swedish , Tagalog , Thai , TurkishUkrainian , Urdu , Vietnamese , and MORE.


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Notarized Translation Special:
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Offer Details:
1. Originals: Two(2) Original Hard Copy Notarized Translations mailed with Every order!
2. PDF E-version included 24-48 Hrs
3. Languages Available: Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian *Other languages may be available for special offer upon review
4. Page Definition: 300 words or less per page * If you have multiple pages with very low word counts please email your documents for special review and discounts.
* Terms: Special Available for requests from Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian to English only. A page is 1 sided with 300 words or less.

Estimated Delivery: PDF/E-version 24-48 hours, Hard Copies 4-7 days or less. Price includes 2 original certified/notarized hard copy translations. If you need faster hard copy delivery, please contact us.

Important Notices:
1. USCIS Translation 100% Acceptance Guarantee
We specialize in translations to be submitted to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). We are fully aware of USCIS regulations regarding document translation and follow their guidelines. So we guarantee that your documents will be accepted by USCIS. Under our guarantee, if any unintentional translation or procedural errors are found, we will make all necessary corrections and mail the new translation to you at no additional cost.

2. Translations for other private organizations
Some private organizations, law firms, state agencies, motor vehicle departments, universities, and academic evaluation services have their own additional requirements and/or a lists of translators in their individual jurisdictions from which you must choose to have your translation done. Please check first with the office for which you need the translation to ensure that they will accept a translation from any professional service of your choice even if from out of your home state. Also check to make sure they do not have addional requiremnts. If you do not check first, and the private organization, state agency, motor vehicle department, university and academic evaluation service does not accept our translation simply because it is from out of state, because we are not on their "approved list", or because they have special addtional requirements that were not provided to us prior to your order, our guarantee does not apply.

* This Payment will appear on your credit card statement as "MIDWESTTRAN"

Our service includes:
1. Translation of Text
2. Formatting Similar to original
3.Drafting (2)Translation Certificates *
4. Notarizing (2)Translation Certificates*
5. Scan and Email Delivery of PDF/E-version within 24-48 hours.
6. USPS First Class Mailing with Delivery Confirmation**
* We prepare "company" notarized certifications. We do not povide notarized certification prepared by individual translators. If you require a notarized certificate prepared by an indivdual translator, contact us prior to ordering.
**We are not liable for any U.S. Postal Service errors including loss or delay.

To authorize, we request prepayment with a major credit card. We use the secure payment processor Paypal.